Podcasts and Interviews

Videos From  My Other Website Therapy Through Movies Formerly Known as Movie Therapy Starting in November 2022 

Movie Therapy Introductory Video

Therapy Through Movies Website

Link to My Interview During My Finding Your Voice Summit in October 2021

Finding Your Voice Interview

Links to My You Tube Appearences and Stimulating Conversations With My Friend and Fellow Coach D. Lisa West  Beginning 2022

Distractions-and How To Cope

Risk Assessment and Shame

Why do we get stuck in Unhealthy Situations?

Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Adversity

Time is Not Linear, How to Hack That

21 days to change a habit, or not?

End Strong in 2022

There is a gift in every adversity


Releasing Trauma from the Body

Holidays with Those Relatives

New Years Resolutions Do You Make Them

Disappointment, Dopamine and a Third Grade Teacher's Inspiration

Life is a Lucid Dream in a Vivid Reality

How to Chose Your Emotions

Spirituality in Coaching and Therapy

There is No Wrong Way to be Creative

Expanding Your Sense of Deserving

What You Resist Persists

Clearing Clutter


What if Something Great is Happening

Rest and Rejuvination is Important

Relationship Advice from a Relationship Coach

Gratitude Changes You and the Receiver

Do You Know Your Neighbor

Conform or Go Home

Permission to Care for Yourself

Get Your Sparkle Back

Cristina shares a touching story of writing a story in childhood, and we talk about creativity"

Clutter, Minimalism and the Energy of a New Space

What Are Your Gifts and Talents

Does owning everything in sight make one happy?

Ever achieved a goal, then were disappointed?

Never Done Before

Was religion a confusing conversation growing up?

Other Appearances

My Interview on MedBricks Webcast April 13, 2023

My Appearance on Wendy's Classics Corner 6/25/2023 ( My spot is at the 20.12 Min mark)

My Appearance on Wendy's Classics Corner 7/3/2023 ( My spot is at the 20.28 Min mark)

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