The Unexpected Surprises of Life

 If there is one thing we can guarantee it is that life will always surprise us. We can think we have everything planned out and that life will go according to this plan but the reality is life happens at times derailing our carefully laid out plans. The best thing we can do when that happens is to go with the journey and see where it takes us because perhaps it might take us someplace unexpected, but truly wonderful.

In the 1987 movie Baby Boom, Diane Keaton plays JC Wyatt, a driven career woman who has her life carefully planned out, yet the unexpected arrival of a baby that she inherits from a distant cousin, propels her on a journey she could never have planned for but ultimately leads her to a life that she truly enjoys. Naturally her journey is not a smooth one. In a funny and touching movie, we watch JC struggle to come to terms with the drastic changes her life undergoes. She is even given a choice where she can go back to the old life she had and what she thought she wanted or fully embrace this new one. In the end JC chooses the new life she has build realizing for the first time that she is truly happy. 

Life changes from moment to moment and often times what we want and what can make us happy changes as well. They key is to not let fear of change or the unknown stop us from embracing new opportunities and possibilities.

 Planning in life is good, it's a process that's important, however being open to the unexpected surprises that life brings our way is important too it's part of this amazing journey that we call life and the more we can embrace it the more we get from it.

(Image by: Johnathan Borba via Unsplash)

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